Starting point (2)

2 Nov

So far, not so good. I haven’t been out this weekend but wednesday there’s a really good party with a lot of nice people, I’m hoping to have more than just fun, but a chance to execute plan 1.

Also, what I need to tell you: it’s not because now I have a masterplan with al the goals and rules and blog and stuff, that I didn’t have a life before!

Actually, I think I can be proud of what I’ve done already, being only 21 at the moment…
I’m the kind of person that always manages to do things the hard way, I never take the easy road (this used to be a principle I tried to follow, but now it’s just an annoying  coincidence). But doing stuff that at first I didn’t really like or see myself doing, gave me some really good experiences! It made me tougher, definitely, and I learned not to judge something or someone before I know anything about it/him/her/…

The best things in my life so far were, obviously, my travels. The two big ones were: africa, where I worked for a month and visited my kind-of-roots, and my alone-trip this summer, which gave me the biggest freedom-feeling I’ve ever had. I traveled alone, so I knew nobody in the cities that I visited, and nobody knew me, and it was awesome! I could be who I wanted to be, talk to the people I liked and do the things I wanted, for a whole month… and it was so much easier to have fun than when I’m at home! There are some exciting stories to be told about this trip, but I’ll keep them for another time, because I have the feeling that the point of my post has to be made now.

The point being… euhm… oh yes! The fact that, though I want to change a lot about myself, I also love myself and my life. Some people would speak about a love-hate-relationship, but hate is too strong a word. Maybe it’s rather a love-disappointment-relationship. Or something. Let’s not try to define it, just let it be what it is. Or not, try and make it better (because that’s what this blog is all about, right?).

Hm. That was not really a point being made. That’s just some random thoughts. That’s me!


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