Its working

9 Nov

I think it’s working. Since I wrote about my ambitions, I feel better. Not that much different, but just like the better version of me. I sleep less and work more, but I also have more quality time, with me, with family and with friends. I also drink more, but I don’t think that’s the only reason that I feel better (although it helps, sometimes…)

I’m learning another language, I’m making plans for next year (I would love to go studying abroad and I think it’s gonna happen!), I’m being independent and I’m loving it! Taking control of your own life is what matters, that’s clear now. Cause everyone can be more, if they only want to!

Yesterday, a friend of mine stopped by and we had a really honest conversation about how we changed over the last years, and about how we both haven’t met the one. But to be honest, I’m not sure that there is only one… I believe that depending on circumstances and coincidences, you either meet people or you don’t. You can’t make everything happen (although you can make a lot happen!). Sometimes, you just have to be patient. Which can be hard, but eventually I believe that’s it’s worth it. When you’ve waited for something, you value and enjoy it more.
I’m afraid that I may be too closed. I don’t talk about my feelings to a lot of people. There are things about me that only I know and that I wouldn’t even tell my best friends for the world. That’s why I’m a little scared of being too open in this blog. But I have to. I have to be honest with myself, and that means writing down things that I’ld maybe rather keep to myself. But I believe it will help.

That said, you know now that you get to read a lot about me. Maybe even things I didn’t know myself before I started typing. It’s a weird thing, a blog. It makes me do stuff I never thought I’d do. But I love it!


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