Lonely at the top

15 Nov

I have a problem. But I’ll admit right away that it’s a luxuryproblem.
Most of the time I look like I’m doing okay. When I was younger, this used to be the case. I never had problems in school, I had nice friends, I got good grades, everybody thought that I was fine. And I was.
But when you achieve too many great things, when you’re good at what you do more than once, they just stop caring. They stop asking. They just assume that you’ll do it, make it, get there.

And the thing is, I mostly get there. But not without struggle! I have to fight hard to do what I want. I have difficult times too! But people seem to forget that. So nobody asks if I’m fine. Nobody congratulates me anymore. And I get it, they have problems too. But sometimes it would be nice…

So another goal for this week: pay attention to everybody that I like, and  be a good friend. Even though I don’t have time. At all… But for friends time is makeable!


2 Responses to “Lonely at the top”

  1. George O. November 17, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    yep, I have to admit that it can get quite lonely at the top, and peers are difficult to find. Just got this really nice invitation for an upscale seminar-event in Brussels and I just ran out of female companions, as my whole pick-list seems to be occupied that very day, and I don’t want to show up without a nice smart lady at my side. The more easy it went in schooldays, getting good grades, having fun during weekends, the more difficult it becomes the older you get. But reading this blog I see I am not alone out there. I suspect you are maybe a little too young or I might even be temted to ask you on that date.

    and yes, I am smart, but O so ugly and badlooking 🙂

    • restmymind November 17, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

      it gets more difficult the older you get? hmm not so good 😉
      and for the record: even if I weren’t too young to accompany you to the event in Brussels,
      I don’t have time. I need 48 hours a day, at least! (I wish such days existed, 48 hour days)
      but they don’t so I work twice as fast…
      have fun at your event! (and I’m sure you’re not that ugly and badlooking, you laugh so that makes you beautiful!)

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