30 Nov

It’s cold outside. Really cold. My feet are like ice. But guess what?
I wasn’t annoyed by the people on the footpath in front of me who were walking really slow.
I wasn’t irritated by the queue at the cafeteria.
I wasn’t  rising my eyebrows every time my professor conjugated a verb in the wrong way.
I wasn’t stressing out because my computer decided to stop working today, just before a deadline.

I feel warm inside. Normally I’m not really the kind of person that looks forward to christmas, because it makes me think of exams. I’m not the kind of person that would go christmasshopping. I don’t like shopping centers, especially not when they are crowded. But still, I’m feeling good today. And to be honest: I have no idea why!
But I decided to ‘accept’ this week, remember? So I accept and enjoy. You’re welcome, reality. I’m ready. I may not have a fantastic or exiting life, but I have a good life. And there’s a lot to be thankful for… Even when it’s not easy to see it, luck is around the corner. Go and find it!


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