14 Apr

I like passion. In people. For people. But as much for things. A hobby, a country, a book, a band.

You need passion in your life to really live. To be great. To wake up in the morning. To have that sparkle in your eyes.

All great people had a kind of unstoppable faith in what they did. Without that passion, they could have been good, but not great. From Mozart to Einstein to Mandela… they stood up for something and it made them unforgettable.

Not that you have to be famous to be great. Someone with passion for something small can be really special.
Someone can lift up the people around him, just by talking convincingly or intellectually, playing an instrument (whatever the musical genre), spreading energy and warmth, …

The trick is to find what you’re really passionate about. Food, but that’s not enough. Reading. Music. Writing. Travelling. But what’s that one thing that I want more than all the rest? I don’t really know anymore. I’m kind of lost. I want to combine all my dreams into one and go for it. But how to do that?


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