2 Jan

It’s raining in my city…
and I have dramatic music in my ears while walking to the metrostop
somehow, it suits my mood… but not in a bad way
melancholy doesn’t have to be a negative thing

I look down, try to avoid the puddles

Thinking about someone… for the first time since long
I thought I unlearned having even the slightest crush

But now that I do, he seems to be into my friend
and the sad thing is, I’ve seen this before…

Apart from that, I like myself these days,
and that’s something, is it not?

I don’t seem to have much motivation,
but at least I almost accepted my scenario for the future…

We’ll see what comes this year…
but no doubt, it will be an interesting one!

You know, I like rain and sad melodies
I know,  I can be weird sometimes
But hey, that’s me!


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