The other girl

17 Jan

Okay, after my last message (which I first wanted to delete, but then again I want to be honest to myself), a better one.

You know how sometimes you think: ‘she really has everything’? Well guess what, she doesn’t.

People think that about you too, sometimes, don’t they? And then, you can’t believe why someone would think that. Somehow, the grass really seems greener on the other side. Somehow, anothers life seems more interesting than your own. Somehow, their hair looks nicer, their shoes are shinier, their jackets are warmer.

And if they have a boy/girlfriend, it’s completely complete. I mean, why do they, and I don’t?

But then again. I am the smartest girl. I have gorgeous eyes. I love writing, and I’m doing it right now. I like my life, I’m good at it, and people like me. (not everyone, but hey, who can say that?)

So yeah, probably their life is different. Exciting, maybe. Or boring, who knows?

But I’m me, and I wouldn’t want to trade myself with anyone. Not for the world.


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