The eternal doubt

1 Feb

about what to do when there’s a begger.

Sometimes, they are just on the street, and you can keep on walking without giving it too much thought.
But sometimes, they get stuck in my head.

Today, it’s snowing. A lot. And it’s cold, very cold… And there was an old man, in the metro. Not just showing his cup, but really asking every single person for some money. And I said no. And than I looked how he went on, until the metro stopped at my stop. And I’m still thinking about him right now. Where would he sleep? How did he get like this? Would he have friends, or family? Would he still fall in love? What’s he thinking? Does he feel ashamed? When was the last time he ate? When was the last time someone was friendly to him? What was his job? Did he even have one?

What went wrong?


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