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13 Dec

They are hectic and loud and polluted and full,
and sometimes even just trying to shop in a full supermarket
freaks me out and makes me angry.
But I love to live there.
In cities, I mean.

I’m young, I want to learn things,
I have a to do list that gets longer instead of shorter.
I’m hungry for the world,
my eyes wonder around like they see everything for the first time.

Riding in the metro, catching someone’s eye, smiling in yourself.
Being in your own world while being part of the big one.
Listening to your own music, seeing the people you like.
Having a firm step on the sidewalk, knowing the shortest way.
Finding the good bar, knowing the best spot in the park.

This is how I like to feel, just enough attitude to get there,
just enough empathy to smile to the homeless guy on the side.

Cause I’m lucky, and I know it. And I love it.