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24 Jan

Friends do not only call when they need you.
They remember your birthday, even in stressfull times.
They surprise you with an unexpected e-mail.
They ask you how you’re doing and wait for you answer.
They wish you good luck when you have an important day.

I should find some. I should be one.


Impressed vs disappointed

14 Jan

I’m easily impressed.

A guy who plays the guitar or gives me food (especially home-made food).
People that are full of energy and creativity.
Good-looking women on the sidewalk with a little smile on their lips.
Somebody who surprises me by saying something intellectually challenging.
People who can answer the phone in fluent Hebrew.
Or just a witty comment at the right moment.

The problem is that I’m also easily disappointed with someone.

Somebody not showing interest.
Not having a strong personality.
Someone who doesn’t appreciate music (or only the commercial songs).
People with constant self-pity.
Having prejudices.
Lack of courage and not showing the strength to move on or keep going.
People with a soft handshake.

I know. Maybe sometimes I would disappoint myself, judging by these rules. But not too often, I hope. I try to be someone even I can be proud of…
And I know. I shouldn’t judge other people. I shouldn’t be hard on everyone, not even on myself. But I’m afraid it’s something that I do. And as I said: I’m easily impressed too. And I might have principles, but I’m also kind of bribable. One good quality can make up for a bad one. (Especially in the case of love, cause we all know that’s blind)

But some things are just unexceptable. Don’t be too full of yourself. Don’t give up. Don’t feel sorry all the time.