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Good (hair)day

11 Jan

I had a good (hair)day today.
And with my hair, that’s really something!

Also, I still have some adrenaline rush from an exam I just had to do… so don’t mind my rambling a bit, my thoughts don’t seem to stop tumbling over one another.

Maybe it also has something to do with a guy I met today.
He plays the guitar.
Man, what a long time since i met a guitarplayer…

And… My mind has been drifting to foreign places today. What about finding a job in India, or working in Berlin, or living at the foot of an african mountain? Or learn Spanish, or learn the guitar (I know someone who can teach me! ;p), or move to New York or Chicago? Or … I don’t know! But they are options, are they not?

Although, everyone I would tell, would probably declare me insane. I wouldn’t survive crowded metros, I don’t speak german that well, I couldn’t be a white girl in a black city (could I?), and my italian and spanish would completely mess up eachother… learning the guitar, however, seems doable.

Let’s start with the small things, and go from there. No words but deeds, that’s also something I decided today.


Why would I? (peptalk to myself)

16 Jun

Cause I have something to prove. Not to anybody but myself.
That I can still do it, that I’m better than they think. Better than I believed lately.

Cause it’s the last week. Cause the months after this will be the best I’ve ever had.

Cause I have to, I have no choice. It’s what is expected, no less will be tolerated.

Cause actually, it’s my thing. I’ll knock’em dead if I have to.
Cause that’s what I do. I shine when it gets that hard that normally people would quit.
Cause I’ve never given up on myself before, why would I now?


14 Apr

I like passion. In people. For people. But as much for things. A hobby, a country, a book, a band.

You need passion in your life to really live. To be great. To wake up in the morning. To have that sparkle in your eyes.

All great people had a kind of unstoppable faith in what they did. Without that passion, they could have been good, but not great. From Mozart to Einstein to Mandela… they stood up for something and it made them unforgettable.

Not that you have to be famous to be great. Someone with passion for something small can be really special.
Someone can lift up the people around him, just by talking convincingly or intellectually, playing an instrument (whatever the musical genre), spreading energy and warmth, …

The trick is to find what you’re really passionate about. Food, but that’s not enough. Reading. Music. Writing. Travelling. But what’s that one thing that I want more than all the rest? I don’t really know anymore. I’m kind of lost. I want to combine all my dreams into one and go for it. But how to do that?

Two down, one to go…

24 Mar

Okay, stress marathon this week… two presentations and an exam

so far, so good,
two down and one to go

And the sun keeps shining, what could possibly go wrong?

I hope the last exam, tomorrow, will go well too… my freedom depends on it!

(More will follow!)

Feeling good

19 Mar

I felt so good yesterday!

Next week is torture, pure torture,
but I feel like I can handle it… somehow I’ll make it through it all, again.

And then: time for some really good times! Planning for the summer, going out (again), writing papers, having fun with that, studying and feeling happy about it… what’s happening?

I feel like I crossed over to the other side,
the people that I used to admire (and honestly: I was a little jealous) for just being happy living their life, without worrying too much,

turns out that I’m one of them…
maybe not fulltime, but still.


The red and the white

18 Mar

You know, the two small versions of yourself, sitting on your shoulders,
the one on the right is white, the one on the left is red?

They give you advice. Or rather, they stalk you with random comments.

The red one said: Oh look, over there, the cute guy from highschool…

The white one: Oh no, not him again. Look away!
(and then, after some seconds): I said, Look away! There’s another cute guy over there, look at him!

The red one: Okay, it’s now or never. You almost never bump into this guy. What could be wrong with saying hi?

The white one: Don’t be stupid, she’s not gonna do that! What would he think?

The red one: What would he think? You’ll never know if you don’t talk to him, right? And by the way, he probably had so many beers by now that he won’t remember a thing in the morning.

The white one: Oh, he will remember. And he’ll think you’re embarrassing.

The red one: Nonono, he won’t think you’re embarrassing, he’ll find you cute! Look how amazing your dress looks on you! Just go for it!

The white one: I warn you, if you dare to step closer…

The red one: Too late, I’m gone already.

And yes, I walked over to him. I said hi. He’ll probably think I’m a crazy stalkerish funny little weird girl. With curls. But I did it, didn’t I?

Be the better person

7 Mar

‘If anyone slaps you on the right cheek,¬†turn to them the¬†other cheek also’
Be the better person
Don’t sink to their level
Rise above
Respect your parents
Bite your tongue
Count to ten
Think about the summer
It’s just for now
She can’t help it… just go with it
You are better than this
Act like the adult here

It’s all easier said then done. And apparently, turning the other cheek didn’t mean ‘let everybody walk over you’. It was a peaceful act of resistance. Rebellion. Oh, I’ld love to. But I depend on them. It’s very cruel to say, but I need the money to study. I need them, for now. Rising above…