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Just a girl

25 Mar

She had music in her ears.
Her step was fast and firm. She obviously knew where she wanted to go.

Her clothes were sexy, but her skirt was not too short.
She wore a little eyeshadow, for the first time in her life.

Just a day before, she felt she could conquer the world. Now, she knew better.
But still, if not the world, she could win over part of it…

When she walked into the room, eyes turned. Not all of them, but some. The eyes of her friends. She greeted them with smiles and they told her that she had been missed.

She noticed someone at the other end of the room. But he could wait. She would talk to him, eventually. But not for now. Her friends were more important, she had missed them too. And she would be away for so much longer…
Talk about bad timing to fall in love. Not that that’s timeable at all.

She laughed and had fun. Unbelievable that just some months ago, she had totally forgotten to feel like this.
Good. Not more, not less. Just good about herself. Just a girl.


The red and the white

18 Mar

You know, the two small versions of yourself, sitting on your shoulders,
the one on the right is white, the one on the left is red?

They give you advice. Or rather, they stalk you with random comments.

The red one said: Oh look, over there, the cute guy from highschool…

The white one: Oh no, not him again. Look away!
(and then, after some seconds): I said, Look away! There’s another cute guy over there, look at him!

The red one: Okay, it’s now or never. You almost never bump into this guy. What could be wrong with saying hi?

The white one: Don’t be stupid, she’s not gonna do that! What would he think?

The red one: What would he think? You’ll never know if you don’t talk to him, right? And by the way, he probably had so many beers by now that he won’t remember a thing in the morning.

The white one: Oh, he will remember. And he’ll think you’re embarrassing.

The red one: Nonono, he won’t think you’re embarrassing, he’ll find you cute! Look how amazing your dress looks on you! Just go for it!

The white one: I warn you, if you dare to step closer…

The red one: Too late, I’m gone already.

And yes, I walked over to him. I said hi. He’ll probably think I’m a crazy stalkerish funny little weird girl. With curls. But I did it, didn’t I?


19 Nov

I’ve been a good friend this week. I checked in on my closest friends, asked if they were fine (most of them were working as hard as I am and stressed out too). I invited them to evenings out but they were too busy and couldn’t come. I even told them I miss them, which for me is not something I say easily. I don’t have the feeling they got the point though, since so far, none of them have asked me if I’m fine too. Which is fine, they have a hard life, I get it.

And: I did what I wanted to do this week: I slept more, drank less coffee, was a good friend, worked hard.
So why don’t I feel better about myself? I should be proud!
So for next week: try to be proud. Stop asking so much from myself. (Like I don’t ask too much from my friends.)

double date… or not

13 Nov

I’m not trying to set you up… It’s not a double date!
It’s just you and me and my boyfriend and a friend of his…

That’s the first thing my friend told me when she called me to pick a day to go to the movies together.
I was a little suspicious because knowing her, it could be a double date in disguise…
But it was just fun! (nothing more, nothing less)

The guy was nice, the movie made us feel good and we had a good time.
But I went to my bed really late (again) and now I’m so tired that I can’t think straight…

So the goal for this week? Sleep more and drink less.
This means: less alcohol and less coffee, I hope I can do that, but I’m afraid not…

I’ll tell you if I did it! (and if there are more double dates, you’ll hear from me too)