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Good (hair)day

11 Jan

I had a good (hair)day today.
And with my hair, that’s really something!

Also, I still have some adrenaline rush from an exam I just had to do… so don’t mind my rambling a bit, my thoughts don’t seem to stop tumbling over one another.

Maybe it also has something to do with a guy I met today.
He plays the guitar.
Man, what a long time since i met a guitarplayer…

And… My mind has been drifting to foreign places today. What about finding a job in India, or working in Berlin, or living at the foot of an african mountain? Or learn Spanish, or learn the guitar (I know someone who can teach me! ;p), or move to New York or Chicago? Or … I don’t know! But they are options, are they not?

Although, everyone I would tell, would probably declare me insane. I wouldn’t survive crowded metros, I don’t speak german that well, I couldn’t be a white girl in a black city (could I?), and my italian and spanish would completely mess up eachother… learning the guitar, however, seems doable.

Let’s start with the small things, and go from there. No words but deeds, that’s also something I decided today.