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Those days

8 Feb

There are those days when you open the curtains in the morning and the sun outside makes you smile ear to ear.
And okay, when you go outside it’s still cold and you wish you had put a warmer coat (where it not that your warmest coat disappeared after a memorable night out),
but you feel invincible and happy.
Those are the days… the days that something goes the way it should, that people tell you that you did okay, that end with a beautiful evening.
The days that you feel like you reached a goal (however tiny it may be in the end), that you’re proud to be who you are.
The days that somehow, you shine.
The days that you are the person you’ve always wanted to be, but were to afraid too show.
The days that you get the affirmation you already knew you deserved.
Those are the days…


Feeling good

19 Mar

I felt so good yesterday!

Next week is torture, pure torture,
but I feel like I can handle it… somehow I’ll make it through it all, again.

And then: time for some really good times! Planning for the summer, going out (again), writing papers, having fun with that, studying and feeling happy about it… what’s happening?

I feel like I crossed over to the other side,
the people that I used to admire (and honestly: I was a little jealous) for just being happy living their life, without worrying too much,

turns out that I’m one of them…
maybe not fulltime, but still.


All the small things…

11 Mar

…together make me happy 🙂

the guy that picked up my glove when it fell in the rain

the cup of coffee that wakes me up in the morning

the chocolate I eat while typing this sentence

the ray of sunlight that struck my face when I opened my curtain this morning

the daydreams that keep me from paying attention in class

the superinteresting paper I have to write for school

the music I hear when I walk through my city

the friendly guy at the supermarket checkout

the wine that I drink in good company

and the future, that actually starts today