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Plan B

27 Feb

Okay, this might sound weird. Even though I lack a plan A (obviously, I don’t know what I want in life!), I have a plan B. A plan for when things don’t work out or when I get that fed up with the world as it is that I can’t go on any longer. The plan is simple.

Go away. To a small village, who knows where (it really doesn’t matter, as long as it is unknown and very, very far). Take books (a lot of them, so that I can read at least five at the same time, to avoid being bored). Learn how to grow potatoes and tomatoes and stuff like that. Learn how to build a house (not in theory this time, but in reality, with my own hands) and apply this knowledge in foresaid far-away-place. Try and survive without a real job. (Unless somebody knows a way of getting paid for reading books?) Only connect to the internet once a week (if possible at all) and stop using cellphones (who needs them anyway?). mp3-player is allowed, because music as essential. And so on.
Some details have to be worked out, I know. First of all, I don’t have the money to pay for a piece of land or building materials. Also, I will need some electricity to charge the mp3-player. Maybe wind-energy? (I don’t trust solar panels. Heavy metals can’t be good). But aside from that, It sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe it could even be my plan A. Screw the people who will say that I’m crazy. I know that. But everything is relative… Or have I mentioned that before?



17 Jan

… is a good thing. Rationality is overrated.
(and so is sleep, by the way, who has time for that?)

This may sound weird, coming from me, but overthinking every decision again and again is not always necessary.
True, I think a lot. But when it comes to making decisions (What will I put on my bread? What will I wear today? Where do I want to travel to this summer? What will I cook tomorrow? Would I buy these shoes or not? Do I want to go to that party?) I mostly decide within seconds. (That might be my less feminine side shining through…)

As long as the bigger picture is out of sight, making decisions is actually quite easy. Since making lists is my second nature, I just make a pro/con-list in my head and then I just choose by following my heart. So far, it has always told me what to do (which direction to choose, which destination for a trip, which people to like and what clothes to buy) without second thoughts afterwards. All I have to do is wait, and there’s always a moment in which I just know. Mostly, I can’t explain why I prefer one thing and dislike the other, because I’m not following some rational thinking process.
The best things happen in an unexpected and impulsive moment. Isn’t that interesting! Not that we should all stop thinkingĀ at once, I believe on the contrary that we should try to be really conscious of who we are and what we want, but sometimes we should just switch our mind off. Where is the button?

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