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24 Jan

Sometimes things do not seem fair. Sometimes the facts just suck.
But they are not more then what they are. They are just facts.

And life is not about the facts. It’s not about how things are. It’s about how we deal with them.

You get to know people for real at times when things are hard. You get to know life when it hits you in the face. You push boundaries when you have no other choice. That is how we learn. The hard way.
And that’s the upside of every down.


Strategic plan

9 Jan

I definitely needed a plan to get out of the mess I made of myself…

and if there’s something I’m good at, it’s making plans

As you know, I tend to think about the future (and about the past, for that matter) a lot. Planning is my way of telling myself that everything will be fine. If I just stick to the plan, that is…

And I know too much planning isn’t good. Spontaneous decisions can be the best ones, impulsivity is a good thing. But this time, some kind of strategy was the way to go.

But I can’t tackle all of the issues at once. Eat more, drink water, sleep at night and work during the day, have some normal conversations. All things that seem to be easy. But more than that: they are crucial to feel good. I never realized that before. You don’t know a good thing untill it’s gone.

And I’m happy to say that I’m going uphill since the low point. I’ve even reached the first viewpoint, and the landscape looks pretty awsome. Let’s say that the journey may be still long (and sometimes hard), but I feel ready again. And it was about time…