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Those days

8 Feb

There are those days when you open the curtains in the morning and the sun outside makes you smile ear to ear.
And okay, when you go outside it’s still cold and you wish you had put a warmer coat (where it not that your warmest coat disappeared after a memorable night out),
but you feel invincible and happy.
Those are the days… the days that something goes the way it should, that people tell you that you did okay, that end with a beautiful evening.
The days that you feel like you reached a goal (however tiny it may be in the end), that you’re proud to be who you are.
The days that somehow, you shine.
The days that you are the person you’ve always wanted to be, but were to afraid too show.
The days that you get the affirmation you already knew you deserved.
Those are the days…



28 Apr

The problem with ‘work hard, play hard’ is that there’s no time left to sleep…

My body tells me to slow down. But my heart wants to keep going…
There’s so much left to do, to see, to experience. The world is there to discover. I’m young, I want to live. I want to learn. I want to get lost and to find myself again. I want to dream and to fly, I want to stand with my two feet firmly on the ground. I want to feel things to the bottom of my heart, I want to forget everything and be in a moment.

I think that maybe my problem is not that I don’t have something to be passionate about. I think that possibly, I don’t know what to do with all the passion that I have.


13 Dec

Memories are powerfull things.

Sometimes bad moments can hang around in your head forever, and you don’t seem able to get rid of them.¬†Why is it that embarassing moments replay again and again in your head, when other people don’t even remember them?
But time heals all wounds and eventually, bad memories seem so far away that they don’t hurt anymore.

Good memories disappear too soon. When you had a wonderfull experience, some details don’t seem to stick, and even after a few days, the image in your head starts to fade away.

However, memories are powerfull things.

I have some in my head that help me to go on.
If I could do that much hiking, then I can do this.
If I could survive that much stress, then I can do this.
If I could be so happy in every part of my body, I will be that happy again some day.
If someone in a little village in Africa can love me, someone else will, someday, too.

The goal in this is obvious. Find a way to carry those memories that give you strength, with you, at all times. So that, even when you’re alone, you can say to yourself: I could, I can, I will. Relive them, try to find that happiness again, that joy of life.