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14 Jan

I would love to say that I’m not superficial. However, that would be lying.

I do look at how people dress. How they look.
Of course I’m turned on by good-looking actors or passers-by.
And I don’t like people without taste.

But there’s more that can make someone attractive. A good sense of humour. Witty comments. Intellectuality (is that even a word?). A sense of justice. Not accepting mainstream. Some mystery.

Maybe I watched too many Zorro-episodes when I was little. I wanted to be Anna-Maria so badly! Her dresses, her looks, which girl wouldn’t want those? But even more important: Diego himself! Funny, intelligent, the best swordsman of the country, a little bit of ‘bad guy’ attitude with the black costume, ¬†and the sad fact that no woman could ever know that he was the hero. Maybe that’s the ultimate proof that somebody’s surface can be misleading. Because who would expect that the reading and piano-playing guy in the (often pinkish) suit is also the fighting outlaw hidden behind the mask?

I suppose the looks don’t say everything. But the way somebody behaves and talks and writes says a lot. And still, when do we actually know someone? When are we sure that we know what’s going on in somebody’s head? I guess we never do. And yet, we are able to love and hope and share dreams. We live together and we share experiences. But in a way, there’s always a hidden part. We are all more than one person. We all put on masks now and then. Doesn’t that make us interesting?