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What if?

14 Jan

One of the more difficult questions in life. What if I had done that? What if I hadn’t done that?

What if I had seen back then that the hot guy really was into me?
What if the beer hadn’t been that strong?
What if I had opened up to him and showed him that I was in love too?
What if I had had other parents?
What if I would have studied music instead?
What if I would have been my sister?
What if I was the kind of person that always smiled instead of worried too much?
What if I wouldn’t have had that next rum-coke?
What if I would have quit my studies a long time ago and travelled the world?

The thing is that it doesn’t help, the wondering what if. What’s done, is done. What happened, happened and what didn’t, didn’t. All you can do is learn from it and move on. And what I learned so far, is that I regret more what I didn’t do, than what I did do. So if in doubt: just go for it!

Looking back can be nice, as can be looking forward. But the clue is to live in the present.