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The new year

1 Jan

… started with the countryside, a train,
an african mask and a little rain

how much better can it be?

okay, this sounds weird… but I’ll explain myself.
I love travelling by train. Despite all the problems that come with it, it’s the ultimate ‘on-the-road’-feeling.
I always get melancholical when I take the train and see all different kinds of landscapes go by. I always take my music with me. And then I create my own world in my head, looking through the window with a soundtrack that goes with my mood.

I’m the happiest when I’m on the road. Be it in on a sidewalk in Ghent with my headphones on,
be it talking to a stranger on a train in Italy,
be it admiring the landscape on a bus through Greece,
or be it looking at the horizon on a boat in the Indian ocean.

It’s in moments like that, that I feel my freedom, that I know that that’s what I want. Just having to think about myself, seeing the world, meeting new people, getting to know other cultures, discovering beautiful landscapes. I don’t want to settle for less. I don’t want to follow the system (or a system for that matter). I don’t want a house and a child. I don’t want capitalism. I don’t want to fly cheap, because it’s totally irresponsible. I don’t want to see coca cola signs everywhere. I don’t want to give gifts on christmas because I’m supposed to. I don’t want to graduate and get a diploma because that’s what people expect. I don’t want to live to work, I want to work to be able to live. Maybe I don’t even want to be part of a couple, maybe I want to be just me for a little while. (so stop asking if I have a boyfriend yet. I don’t.)

I think that to be truly happy, you should be able to be just who you are. Alone, without help. Because in the end, you have to face your life on you own.
And for now, all I need is a train and some music. I think I can do that.



13 Dec

Memories are powerfull things.

Sometimes bad moments can hang around in your head forever, and you don’t seem able to get rid of them. Why is it that embarassing moments replay again and again in your head, when other people don’t even remember them?
But time heals all wounds and eventually, bad memories seem so far away that they don’t hurt anymore.

Good memories disappear too soon. When you had a wonderfull experience, some details don’t seem to stick, and even after a few days, the image in your head starts to fade away.

However, memories are powerfull things.

I have some in my head that help me to go on.
If I could do that much hiking, then I can do this.
If I could survive that much stress, then I can do this.
If I could be so happy in every part of my body, I will be that happy again some day.
If someone in a little village in Africa can love me, someone else will, someday, too.

The goal in this is obvious. Find a way to carry those memories that give you strength, with you, at all times. So that, even when you’re alone, you can say to yourself: I could, I can, I will. Relive them, try to find that happiness again, that joy of life.