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17 Jan

… is a good thing. Rationality is overrated.
(and so is sleep, by the way, who has time for that?)

This may sound weird, coming from me, but overthinking every decision again and again is not always necessary.
True, I think a lot. But when it comes to making decisions (What will I put on my bread? What will I wear today? Where do I want to travel to this summer? What will I cook tomorrow? Would I buy these shoes or not? Do I want to go to that party?) I mostly decide within seconds. (That might be my less feminine side shining through…)

As long as the bigger picture is out of sight, making decisions is actually quite easy. Since making lists is my second nature, I just make a pro/con-list in my head and then I just choose by following my heart. So far, it has always told me what to do (which direction to choose, which destination for a trip, which people to like and what clothes to buy) without second thoughts afterwards. All I have to do is wait, and there’s always a moment in which I just know. Mostly, I can’t explain why I prefer one thing and dislike the other, because I’m not following some rational thinking process.
The best things happen in an unexpected and impulsive moment. Isn’t that interesting! Not that we should all stop thinking¬†at once, I believe on the contrary that we should try to be really conscious of who we are and what we want, but sometimes we should just switch our mind off. Where is the button?

Green Power Button Clip Art



13 Dec

Memories are powerfull things.

Sometimes bad moments can hang around in your head forever, and you don’t seem able to get rid of them.¬†Why is it that embarassing moments replay again and again in your head, when other people don’t even remember them?
But time heals all wounds and eventually, bad memories seem so far away that they don’t hurt anymore.

Good memories disappear too soon. When you had a wonderfull experience, some details don’t seem to stick, and even after a few days, the image in your head starts to fade away.

However, memories are powerfull things.

I have some in my head that help me to go on.
If I could do that much hiking, then I can do this.
If I could survive that much stress, then I can do this.
If I could be so happy in every part of my body, I will be that happy again some day.
If someone in a little village in Africa can love me, someone else will, someday, too.

The goal in this is obvious. Find a way to carry those memories that give you strength, with you, at all times. So that, even when you’re alone, you can say to yourself: I could, I can, I will. Relive them, try to find that happiness again, that joy of life.

As a devil in a box

29 Nov

Some cliches are true. I saw one acted out in front of me this evening:
Some migrants on the bus were making a lot of noise and this woman tried to silence them,
but they reacted by acting even more rude and unappropriate. I didn’t want to believe what I saw.

If there’s something I don’t like, it’s prejudgements. I can’t stand them cause the world is not black and white, people aren’t black and white, and that’s what makes life interesting, right? But sometimes it’s hard not to generalize. It’s easy too. I told you about the boxes and how the world would be so simple if everything would fit into them. The world is a messy place though. And trying to squeeze it into a box won’t help. Instead, it will pop out right into your face just when you think you got it in. And that’s a good thing. A simple life would be boring. How would we learn?

Sometimes I need simple too though. Like this weekend. I tried not to think about everything ahead of me, and it worked. For a while. But this morning when the weekend was over, it hit me twice as hard. But I was prepared this time. I’m ready. Bring it on! I can take it.


27 Nov

I have butterflies in my head… sometimes.

They fly around and make me crazy. I have this thing for this guy…

But then again, it’s more of a platonic thing because I don’t have the feeling he knows I exist.
And since I don’t even have time for myself these days, I wonder how I ever would have time for two.
But these butterflies make it hard to think straight. I even have trouble making an understandable sentence in a simple conversation. I’m so tired that I could fall asleep anywhere, but once I get into bed, my thoughts keep me awake for hours.

So message to my mind: stop it. Stop messing around. Focus!