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Be the better person

7 Mar

‘If anyone slaps you on the right cheek,¬†turn to them the¬†other cheek also’
Be the better person
Don’t sink to their level
Rise above
Respect your parents
Bite your tongue
Count to ten
Think about the summer
It’s just for now
She can’t help it… just go with it
You are better than this
Act like the adult here

It’s all easier said then done. And apparently, turning the other cheek didn’t mean ‘let everybody walk over you’. It was a peaceful act of resistance. Rebellion. Oh, I’ld love to. But I depend on them. It’s very cruel to say, but I need the money to study. I need them, for now. Rising above…



Plan B

31 Jan

Being the smartest girl of my class didn’t work.
Being a perfect daughter didn’t do the trick.
Maybe it’s time I tried something new.

Start smoking.
Paint my face grey.
Stop wearing clothes of any color except for bright red.
Stop talking.
Get an alcohol problem.
Start swearing whenever talked to.
Stop wearing any clothes at all.
Start drug trafficking.
Stop going home.
Start calling every hour.

You think they would notice?