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How to get rid of my label?

28 Oct

So, I told you who I’m not. The question to be asked now, is of course who I am?

I think I’m many people. But mainly, I’m just me. An ordinary Flemish girl. For now, I am a student. I would like to be a singer, a professional traveller, an architect, a writer, a woman and a young girl. Obviously, I’m none of these and all of them at once, in a certain way. There are sides to me, and as I keep turning myself round and round in my head, I discover more of them. My friends know my friendly side, my parents know my doughter-side. Some people know my outside, but nobody knows my whole inside (not even me).

One of my theories is that life is meant to give you insight in who you are. This blog is a way to find out who I could be. I want to post my intentions on this blog. By sharing them with my readers (who I hope I will get, eventually) I make them official and if I don’t keep my promises, all of you will know. These intentions are things I want to do to change the way I live now, and to change the way people look at me. Because I feel that I could be a different, better person than I seem to be now. I am ambitious, but in a good way. I want to try to get far in my life, australia is not the limit!

To reach my goal, there have to be rules, strict rules to be precise.

1. I have to follow my own rules, at all times.

2. I have to be completely honest with you, my readers, which means also being honest with myself.

3. For every intention I didn’t make true, I have to post another one.

4. I have to give you guys an update on my progress at least weakly.

Enough for now, next post I will tell you about my first goal.