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The forbidden fruit

14 Apr

Why do I always fall for the wrong thing?

Why do I fall in love with the older guy that doesn’t notice me? Why do I want to be something that I’ll never be good enough? Why do I like the people that I shouldn’t like? Why do I want to live anywhere but here?

What makes the unreachable so tempting? Why is it that what you have or can have is never enough? Why is it that I want to dream so big that I forget what I already have? How come that I want to reach goals so high that I end up with nothing?

It’s exciting to think big. To imagine a life in a world better than the one you have. To daydream about people you will hardly ever know. Because the grass is always greener on the other side. Because it’s hard to accept that you are just who you are. Because everyone want’s to reach the sky. And maybe the sky is not even the limit.
Dreaming keeps me going.