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Only girl

1 Dec

I want it to be tomorrow again!

I’m exited, I’m not as scared as before…
I’m listening to power-music
(as in rock with a good bassline, as in Triggerfinger’s cover of ‘only girl’)
and I’m believing it.

The world is out there, you know? It’s there for you to discover,
for me to explore.
I’m tired now, but tomorrow I will. It will happen soon,
and I will be ready.

And I’m not the ‘only girl’ for anyone yet,
but I’m a girl that knows what she (doesn’t) want.
And it will be worth waiting for a little longer. That is a promise I make myself.
I just have to remember to stay true to me, and not to settle. Not to act like the cheap version of myself.
Cause I deserve better, I think. So guys, you’re warned!
No more drunk moments, from now on it’s for real.

I could even say, the next kiss will be the right one. But I’ve said that before.
So no big statements, just a change of attitude.
You’ll see it in my way of walking.
And hear it in my talking.
And there’s a twinkle in my eyes, did you notice?